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Hardox Tipper Trailer Manufacturer

Hardox Tipper Trailers are meticulously constructed trailers made from hardox material. The hardox tipper trailers are highly resistant to abrasion and are engaged in transportation of hard loads. They can efficiently carry construction raw materials like lime, rock, sand, and other construction material as needed. These tipper trailers are designed to be resilient to materials while maximising the carrying capacity of the trailer by reducing the weight of the components of the trailer in comparison to a regular steel body tipper trailer.

Hardox tipper trailers are constructed for maximum space consumption with high performance. This makes these a very cost-efficient choice for freight transportation of materials. The hardox tipper trailer manufacturers strive to bring precision output from the hardox tipper trailer to give proficient execution. The hardox tipper trailers are constructed to be mechanically superior and are made to withstand harsh conditions.


As one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of heavy-duty vehicles in the UAE, Qasioon Group has been hailed for the quality of products it offers its customers. With the quality of raw materials used surpassing your expectations, we aim to create products that stand the test of time along with proving their worth even after bring used through the years. Understanding the nature of work that our hardox tipper trailers are used for, we carry out numerous safety checks to ensure that these products are safe to use. Our team supervises the manufacturing process from the start to the end, ensuring that every care is taken to maintain the quality that we take pride in upholding.

You can find some of the best hardox tipper trailers at Qasioon that are both affordable and superior in quality. You need not compromise on quality in a bid to save on your funds while purchasing trailers or any other machinery or equipment from us. Durable and sturdy, all of the heavy-duty vehicles, machinery and equipment manufactured by us are easy to use. We also ensure that the trailers you purchase from us are easy to maintain, taking a great load off your shoulders. Along with trailers, we also offer a number of other products that are manufactured within our warehouses, upholding the quality that is associated with Qasioon Group.

With your trust in the best hardox tipper trailer manufacturers, we aim to do our best in reaching quality products to all our customers, working towards maintaining the trust you have in us.


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