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“Qasioon trailers and tankers manufacturing always tries to use the latest technology trends in order to assure high efficiency production along with having good- quality products, such as welding procedures and machines, rolling machines, bending machines, cutting machines etc.
Every manufacturing process starts with a strict design review which is done by our engineering team. Whether it is a flat-bed, low-bed, or tanker trailer you can be certain that your trailer is going to be one of the best engineered products in the industry. However, after having the design ready, adjustments can be done depending on the costumer’s preferences and requirements (length of trailers, number and type of axles..).”

Our Products

  • Draw Bar Trailer
  • Chemical Tank
  • Cement Bulker
  • Fuel Tank
  • Food Bulker
  • Underground Tanks
  • Refuse Compactor
  • Skip Loader
  • Curtain Trailer
  • Cement Silo
  • Bitumen tank
  • Water Tanker
  • Water Bowser
  • Sulfuric Acid Trailer
  • Skid Tank
  • Shutter Body Trailer
  • Rock Body Trailer
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Oil Field Trailer
  • Mobile Home Trailer
  • ISO Tanks
  • Hardox Tipper Trailer
  • Front Loading Low-bed
  • Extendable Trailer
  • Dump Truck
  • CBM Tipper
  • Tank Semitrailers
  • Truck Mounted Tanker
  • Tipping Semitrailers – Bodies
  • Low Bed Semi Trailers
  • Flat Bed SemiTrailer
  • Storage Tanks
  • Sewage Tanker
  • Cargo Bodies
  • Trolly
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