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Bitumen tanks have been a boon among industries that need a constant supply substances that need extreme heat. These tanks come in various sizes and with both indirect and direct heating systems, depending on the industry it is being used in. With the level of heat involved in processes requiring the use of bitumen tank, finding the right bitumen tank manufacturer becomes vital to ensure smooth working without the possibility of a manufacturing defect in the tanks that could pose as threat, both monetary and in terms of the lives of workers.

From the manufacturing of the bitumen tanks and ensuring proper fittings of pipelines, pumps, gears, burners, etc. to a thorough check for any leakage or other flaw, the manufacturing process is overlooked thoroughly by experts to ensure that it is fit to be used without causing harm. These tanks are also easy to maintain with the way they are designed to make it easier for industries to put it to use. The tanks are also insulated well and have numerous other features that make it easy for companies to use it for their requirements


A leading manufacturer of bitumen tanks in UAE, Qasioon Group of Companies offers tanks that come in a wide range in capacities. These tanks are high in quality, economical with an easy to install setting and are completely insulated. Depending on the industry you belong to, you can choose the tanks with respect to the features it has, the capacity of the tanks, the configuration of the tank, and the material it is made of. We guarantee easy maintenance of the tanks along with our assurance of safety for the environment as well as the lives of people being in constant contact of the tanks.

Using the superior quality raw materials to manufacture the best bitumen tanks under the supervision of skilled workers, Qasioon Group has made a name for itself in being a prominent provider of tanks to a majority of the businesses and industries in the UAE. With an affordable price range on all our products, you can get the best quality tanks at the least possible prices. You can look through our website to find some of the best bitumen tanks with features ranging from tank to tank, allowing you the chance to settle for what suits your requirements and those of your company the best.

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