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CBM Tippers are highly efficient in transportation of consignments which can be unloaded by raising the rear end of the truck and pneumatically inclining them, thus allowing the consignment to unload with the help of gravity. CBM tippers are durably built carriers that give optimal performance. These are manufactured with unparalleled mechanical superiority to bring about the best engineered tipper truck for all purposes. The tippers are made in various technical specifications and customised for specific tasks, depending upon the various industries and sectors that make use of these machineries.

The CBM Tippers are an amalgam of innovation and expertise of engineering with the leading technologies, making them amazingly efficient and resourceful. These tippers make hassle-free unloading possible for a long duration due to the excellence in workmanship and use of high quality raw materials used in the manufacturing process. The CBM Tippers are built to withstand harsh conditions while effectively handling consignment to the best of their capacity. These are tested for durability and capacity to give the best performance while also making it very cost-effective, offering clients a dual benefit.


Qasioon Group has been a leading and trusted CBM Tippers manufacturer in the UAE since long, having gained clients with their dedication to providing the best quality tippers and heavy-duty vehicles in the market. With a thorough knowledge of the use of vehicles and machines in the making, the manufacturing team at Qasioon make use of superior quality raw material that can stand the test of time and prove their durability no matter what the capacity of work. We, at Qasioon, also work out a detailed testing of every product manufactured by us to ensure that it is safe to use, both for the clients purchasing our products and the environment. This involves overseeing every process, from the fittings of the basic machinery to the finishing of the product.

Ranging in capacities and specifications, you can find the best CBM Tippers for your company at Qasioon at a reasonable price that allows you save on your purchase of the vehicle without having to compromise on the quality. The numerous tests and quality checks along with a guarantee of providing the best to our clients make Qasioon Group a reliable manufacturer of tippers and other equipment. These CBM Tippers are also easy to maintain and manage, saving time as well as energy.


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