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Used to frequently carry around cement, fly ash, and other dry materials, cement bulkers make for easy transporting vehicles. With the amount of bulk it can carry atone go, these vehicles are perfect for a major part of the industries that deal in transporting bulk raw materials. Being manufactured in various sizes and capacities, the cement bulkers used by various industries vary from usage to usage. Designed specifically keeping the load to be carried in mind, these sturdy holders and carriers make life easier for those dealing in occupations that need large quantity raw materials at hand within a short span.

Cement bulkers, due to the materials used to manufacture them, offer the durability and sturdiness needed to be able to transport such materials from one place to another and store them for long durations while being put to use. Allowing the transportation of a massive bulk at once, these bulkers aid in speeding up the work of companies that rely on these heavy-duty vehicles to ensure fast progression of work. Depending on the industry you belong to, you can choose the capacity of cement bulkers that would be apt to complete your assignments in record time without needing more than a few rounds of carrying the raw materials from the suppliers to the place where the project is underway.


Qasioon Group, a leading manufacturer of cement bulker in UAE, have been providing heavy-duty bulker and various other storage equipment to numerous industries since we first began. Our experienced team overlooks the process of manufacturing along with thoroughly testing our products before we make it available to our clients. We ensure the use of superior quality materials to produce the cement bulkers to uphold the trust of our customers. The bulkers we offer are made available at a reasonable price, giving our clients the liberty of having the best within an affordable range. The bulkers manufacture are of varying capacities for different uses.

Keeping in mind the convenience of an easy-to-maintain equipment, we ensure that the bulkers we manufacture give industries the ease and comfort of maintaining it without being stressed. The standard tests performed on the bulkers before being sold are made keeping in mind the safety of individuals working with the equipment as well as the environment. The bulkers you purchase from Qasioon Group are sure to remain efficient over the years with the promise and assurance of safety.


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