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Cement Silos are an integral component of concrete production systems. The cement silos are used to store bulk concrete when needed. These are manufactured in various dimensions with custom modifications as required. The cement silos are made according to location and area restrictions, site requirements, power source and the need for moving the cement silo to an alternate location.

The cement silo is made of high quality raw materials acquired from authentic sources. These are meticulously designed to ensure long functional life. The cement silos are constructed to guarantee the quality of the components stored. The design allows efficient storage capacity and portability. These cement silos are made complete with caged ladder, trailer jack, and can be hauled efficiently with trailer.

The cement silo allows efficient loading of cement raw materials for maximum space usage and allows easy handling and unloading of materials.


One of the best cement silo manufacturers in the UAE, Qasioon Group has a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles that range across numerous capacities. Depending on the kind of industry or work sector you belong to, you can choose the kind of cement silos most suitable for you. Having been in this industry of providing our clients with the best cement silos, we understand the requirement and the need to use the best raw materials to take the bulk and the pressure that is bound to stay on the vehicles considering the kind of work it is to be used for.

These cement silos are also thoroughly tested by our team of experts to ensure that are no glitches in the fixtures and the functioning of the machinery. With superior quality materials used and our team overseeing the entire procedure of manufacturing the vehicles, you can rest assured with the knowledge of finding the best of the cement silos with us. You can get the best cement silos at Qasioon at the most reasonable prices, giving you superior quality products without making your spend more than you intend to. Another great thing about purchasing cement silos from us is its easy-to- maintain feature. Managing the equipment, too, is a breeze, with safety checks and more, making the equipment and machinery we produce safe to be put to use. Being the best cement silo manufacturer is also a great assurance to our clients of getting equipment that lasts through the years, run as smooth as ever.

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