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Chemical tanks, as the name suggests, are storage containers used to store chemicals. Owing to the corrosive nature of most chemicals, these tanks are made with the sturdiest materials to be able to withstand the effects of the components placed within the tanks. These tanks come in various sizes and shapes, used by numerous industries for storage, mixing, transporting, and processing of chemicals as well the raw materials. Depending on the usage of the tanks, the specifications and designs of the tank vary to be able to hold the materials that they will be used to store. Most chemicals being aggressive, these chemical tanks need to be flawlessly made to be able to avoid any mishaps or leakages that could cause harm to all the people working around these tanks. The materials used should also be resistant to the particular chemical it will store, making most tans customised to fit the requirements of different industries and sectors.

Chemical tank manufacturers also need to take into account external factors that could impact the capacity of the tanks to hold the materials they have been designed for, making choosing the right manufacturer vital.


Qasioon Group is one of the best chemical tank manufacturers in the UAE, having successfully provided tanks and other storage equipment to various industries that have been loyal customers of the group. With a dedicated team overlooking the process of manufacturing to ensure no room for complaint, the tanks are thoroughly tested by us before being made available to be sold to our clients. With high quality materials used to produce these tanks, you can choose tanks that suit your needs at an affordable range. Offering tanks of differing capacities for various uses, you can find a wide range of tanks on our website that are superior in quality and that can stand the test of time.

Purchasing chemical tanks with Qasioon Group can help you find the best tanks for industrial purposes in UAE that are sure to stay sturdy and efficient for a long duration. The tanks we manufacture also ensure that no harm comes to the environment with numerous tests already done before we hand the tanks over to you. From the best features that ensure easy maintenance to competitive pricing on every range, you can find what you need at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality of tanks.

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