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Curtain trailers are trailers that allow loading and unloading of materials in any direction and order. Curtain trailers provide the ease of using a flat-bed as well as the security of an enclosed trailer. Curtain trailers are trailers with retractable sides made with durable materials that conveniently enclose the consignments once loaded, securing them during the freight transport. These are suitable for transporting a variety of materials. The easy access to consignment makes them a trusted choice among trailers.

Curtain trailers make partial deliveries possible without the added work in organizing required during handling, loading, and unloading of consignments. The materials to be transported are firmly secured while ensuring the integrity of their internal dimensions. The best curtain trailers are made with high quality materials that are made to withstand all weathers. These are innovatively designed to ensure maximum space usage while providing the convenience of a flat-bed trailer. The curtain trailers are cost-efficient and reduce the time required for loading and unloading of goods, thereby increasing productivity.


Curtain trailers are constructed in variable lengths with custom modifications of axels and weight bearing capacities to meet specific needs. One of the leading curtain trailer manufacturers in the UAE, Qasioon Group of Companies provides cost-effective heavy-duty vehicles that are sturdy and can withstand a great load, considering the nature of work these vehicles are frequently used for. Made of raw materials that are superior in quality, every step of manufacturing is keenly supervised by our dedicated team to ensure no glitch in the production or functioning of the machinery.

From the fittings of the bolts and nuts to the final touch in the process of manufacturing, one can rest assured that the trailers manufactured by Qasioon are unsurpassed in quality and resilience. The curtain trailers available with Qasioon are each easy to use as well as to maintain. We guarantee a long run-time for every product manufactured within our warehouses, available at affordable prices that further allow you to save up. You can also choose from a varying range of capacities that the trailers are produced in.

All of the products we manufacture are economical and of the finest quality, helping you achieve maximum output. Browsing through our website to find out everything we manufacture is sure to help you save on your next purchase of heavy-duty machinery while getting the best curtain trailers in the market.

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