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Extendable trailers are a boon when you need to transport long and large products over a great distance. They can be operated to efficiently handle transportation cost-effectively and in a hassle-free manner. The range of extendable trailers vary and can be built to custom specifications, depending on the requirement. These extendable trailers come with different settings of axel and suspension to suit different needs with every industry differing in their needs and specifications. They can also be extended to accommodate large and long products for transport across great distances efficiently.

Extendable trailers also come in both steering and no-steering variants with different makes for different weight capacities. Precisely structured components of this trailer aid in effortless loading, unloading and handling while allowing minimal wearing out of tyres. Prime engineering of extendable trailers also makes low maintenance requirements possible while effectively hauling heavy, large or long loads when required by means of extendable units.


One of the best extendable trailer manufacturers in the UAE, Qasioon group has become a common name among industries and factories that deal with tasks that require the use of trailers on a daily basis. Understanding the nature of the work related to these heavy-duty machines, the team at Qasioon ensure a complete supervision of the process of manufacturing these machines and vehicles to make them as safe to use as possible. This not only includes the ease of using the equipment but also factors such as leakage proofing, proper fittings of nuts and bolts, etc. offer an overall security to anyone using it, indirectly or directly. The raw materials used by us to manufacture these vehicles, too, give clients the assurance of using safe equipment without the danger of malfunction.

The extendable trailers available with Qasioon range in capacities, allowing you to choose one that best suits the needs of your company. These trailers undergo numerous tests before being made available for use to industries and are absolutely easy to maintain. Superior quality and easy maintenance are just some of the many bonuses to purchasing extendable trailers from Qasioon. We also offer the trailers at an affordable range that suits your needs as well allows you to have the best quality without worrying about a hefty sum to pay.

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