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Oil field trailers are distinctively designed trailers that are built for oil and gas industry. The oil field trailers are built to transport skid mounted loads needing frequent transfers in and about oil extraction fields. The oil field trailer manufacturers innovatively designed these trailers for the oil extraction sites for maximal output. This is made easy with a goose-neck built, allowing easy loading and unloading, of consignments on the field. The oil field trailers are constructed to perform efficiently during both on-road and off-road transportation.

The oil field trailers are meticulously designed to be used for diverse applications requiring heavy weight transportation. These trailers are constructed with the highest quality raw materials sourced from genuine sources, keeping in mind the nature of the work these trailers are used for. The sturdy built allows heavy duty hauling of goods, making it very cost efficient.


A prominent oil field trailer manufacturer in the UAE, Qasioon Group prides itself in providing its clients with the best heavy-duty vehicles in the field. With the finest raw materials used by the group in manufacturing every product, the quality of the trailers are without a doubt superior compared to the rest in the market. With a team by our side that puts in every effort needed to make sure that the machinery and equipment produced are of the highest quality in terms of withstanding pressure as well the longevity, you can rely on Qasioon to offer you the trailers most suitable for your needs. Considering how the trailers range in capacity from requirement to requirement, you can find the best oil field trailers for your company no matter what sector you belong to.

Our existing clientele can offer the assurance that they need before trusting us to be their go-to manufacturer for all heavy-duty ranges. Our teams also make sure to oversee the proceedings of the products being manufactured to figure out any glitch before it is made available to our client. We also run numerous tests and safety checks to make sure that the products are safe to use. The trailers are available with us at a relatively low cost so you can have the best of the trailers without shelling a fortune. The easy-to- maintain feature of the trailer also makes it more approachable along with making it easy to use and handle.

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