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Sewage tankers or vacuum tankers are used to transport liquids or sludges to and from treatment or sewage plants, or for transporting industrial slurries. The sewage tankers are designed to carry out efficient loading of the materials with the help of pneumatic suction for effortless hauling. A high- pressure pump to assist loading of materials can accompany them. They are constructed to be resistant to harsh materials and cleaning chemicals. Made from highest quality raw materials sourced from genuine suppliers, the sewage tankers can carry heavy load and are made to be very durable.

The sewage tankers are manufactured along the required international standards. These sewage tankers are built for maximum output, making them very cost efficient. The design of the sewage tankers allows efficient transportation and unloading of materials at the delivery site. The sewage tankers come in various sizes and are built to customer specifications for various uses. These tankers are state of the art in design and mechanics, made for high performance use.

Sewage Tanker Manufacturer

Qasioon Group is a leading sewage tanker manufacturer in the UAE, holding its position as one of the best providers of heavy-duty machinery. All the products manufactured by us within our warehouses are overseen with a dedication that ensures perfection. From the tiniest nut bolt to the raw materials used in the making if the tankers, we make sure to use the best quality materials for quality end products. Our team does their best to make sure that every little procedure of manufacturing is handled with great care and focus. Structured in a way that helps it to withstand any pressure or load, the sewage tankers we produce are among the best in the market.

Manufactured in wide-ranging capacities, you can choose the tanker most suitable for your company from among the various specifications we have in stock. We also have various measures that look into the safety of using the products we manufacture. You can rest assured of finding the best sewage tankers with us through the many tests we perform on every product that leaves our warehouses to be made available to our clients. Apart from finding the best quality tankers with us, you can get them at the most affordable rates, permitting you to purchase the best equipment in the market without a huge dent in your budget.

The materials we use, and the safety checks we carry out are enough indicators along with our client testimonials to assure you of the quality, durability and stability of the machinery we provide.

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