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Tipping semitrailers are specially designed trailers meant for transportation of construction materials such as gravel, sand, rock. The tipping semitrailers are innovatively constructed to allow effortless loading and unloading of construction materials. The box body tipping semitrailers are hinged at the rear end allowing unloading of materials as the front of the body is raised. The innovatively designed hydraulic system that ensures smooth tipping at the construction site. Designed to aid in the transportation of materials such as gravel, dirt, and more, tipping semi-trailers are thoughtfully constructed and structured to make both transporting and using raw materials easier. The tipping semitrailers are manufactured to be sturdy to handle the resistance from different types of heavy loads at construction sites.

They are made from the highest quality raw material sourced from genuine suppliers. The tipping semitrailers are made to withstand harsh conditions for both on road and off-road applications. They are created to ensure optimal performance on every use, making them very cost-efficient. The tipping semitrailer manufacturers have consistently persevered to ensure effortless functioning of the components of the tipping semitrailers to give high performance through meticulously designed hydraulic systems.

Tipper Semi Trailers

Renowned as one of the best tipping semitrailer manufacturers in the UAE, Qasioon Group has made a name for itself among a major part of the industries out here that deal with work that require frequent use of heavy-duty vehicles. Taking pride in being the best, we make it a point to use the finest of raw materials in the production of every vehicle, machinery, or equipment leaving our warehouses. Our semi-trailers are affordable and superior in quality, being the best for your businesses no matter what sector you belong to. These tipping semi-trailers are easy to maintain and use, saving a great amount of time and energy.

We have a dedicated team on-board that sees to the process of manufacturing with keen observation and attention to detail. Keeping an eye on every single aspect of production, from the start to the end, you can rest assured, knowing that the quality of every product is upheld by us, irrespective of what your requirement is. We have numerous safety checks in place to test the products thoroughly in terms of quality and functioning, leaving no room for complaint before they are made available to be sold. With the best tipping semi-trailers available with Qasioon in wide-ranging capacities, you can also count it to be durable and stable to withstand any amount of pressure, while functioning for a prolonged period.



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