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Mr. Ziad Nassif, Managing Director, along with a team of skilled engineers, leads a team of dedicated professionals and Staff of over 100 skilled workers to ensure the Company’s strategic direction and growth potential.

Our Vision

As this industry is such a demanding and competitive industry, our main goal is To use advanced technology, which will always reflect on the the quality of our products in order to meet the customers satisfaction. Not only is that, Qasioon trailers and tanks manufacturing , always optimizes the designs in such a way that clients will be more satisfied( to save material and cost). Customers satisfaction has been always a concern of us, and we can tell from our clients that clients are satisfied with our products, because they always recommend our company to others.

Why Qasioon

Manufacturing Process Every Manufacturing Process 26 May 2015 Manufacturing process Every manufacturing process starts with a strict design review which is done by our engineering team. Whether it is a flat-bed, low-bed, or tanker trailer you can be certain that your trailer is going to be one of the best engineered products in the industry. However, after having the design ready, adjustments can be done depending on the costumer’s preferences and requirements(length of trailers, number and type of axles..). After that, quotes are formally generated, a lead time is established and a delivery date estimate is provided. This information is based on component availability and line capacity. Once the order acknowledgement is confirmed the purchasing department is instantly notified of any special order parts required for the order. Each trailer arrives on our yard as raw steel and components. after storing, The raw materials are quickly processed by our plasma cutters, bending machines, rolling machines or other precision manufacturing devices.